Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Free Blogger Tile Background

In search of inspiration for my new blog design, I came across this pattern:

So simple and yet I think it is stunning. Just had to make it. It's also a nice change from the typical pinstripe backgrounds.
I have spent very little time online this past winter...and was feeling totally lost as to how to even write a blog post! Searching for some blogger tutorials I came across this site Simple Blogger Tutorials. Though most of the tutorials are for adding code to customize your blog, some show simple steps for using the bloggers Template Designer. Before altering your sure to save it!!
Here are the steps to add one of the tiles to your own blog: Download and unzip the backgrounds below, log into your Blogger Template Designer, Click on Background, click on Background Image little down arrow, Upload image, Browse to find the tile on your PC or Mac and start uploading your image ( I am using the Simple template in the template options). Under Alignment, choose Tile. I have also checked off Scroll with page, but this is does not need to be checked off for a tiling pattern. Here's a screen shot:

The freebie is a low resolution repeating/tiling pattern in several colors at 96dpi. I included the low res photoshop .pat file too. There is also a transparent png file included for customizing your own colors for this. For personal or commercial use. Please don't resell as is though! Download the zip file from mediafire.
Here is a preview of most of the patterns included:

Each tile in the set is only 36px by 22px...super tiny so that it loads super fast! The preview shows the pattern used as a fill. Like the pattern on my blog today? Right click and view the background image...that super tiny image is an exampe of the tiles found in the download.
Look for the high resolution printable version of this later this week.
Oh...while on the subject of blog backgrounds, here are two of my favorite sites for blog design freebies....I'm sure most of you have heard of them...but just in case:
Pugly Pixel

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