Sunday, August 14, 2011

Posh Tartan Freebie Kit

I came across a free web application called Tartan Designer the other day. I used it to create these patterns. It is so easy and fun to use! With a little tinkering in photoshop I turned them into printable sheets in both 12x12 inch and 8.5x11 inch sizes for you to use in all of your creations. The original 72dpi png and jpg icons are also included. Totally in love with this cool web application. The creators also have a stripe generator too.
Download the free Posh Tartans from mediafire

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  1. merci pour la découverte des générateurs : eux aussi vont me servir !... quant à vos papiers, tous sont plus jolis les uns que les autres... merci pour le partage, j'ai créé un lien :