Saturday, May 28, 2011


Q: I ordered a digital kit from your etsy store. What's next?
A: I check my etsy store frequently to see when orders come in. I then send out the links to the kits purchased to the email associated with your etsy account (unless you have supplied with with an alternative email address). It is a single secure, and unique link for each order. The link opens a new window that will contain all of your download links. Simply clicking on each link to activate the download process.

Q: How do I print your 12x12 inch designs onto 8.5x11 inch paper?
A: I recommend cropping them to 8.5x11 inch size in a photo editing software program such as Photoshop (elements) or a free editing program such as GIMP. Many printers have a "crop to fit" option in the advanced printer settings.

Q: I don't own any photo editing programs, can I still use your kits? 
A: You sure can! Many document editors can open the jpeg papers. Simply treat them like a digital photo and "import" them into your program of choice.
There are also some great free programs out there that will allow you more creative freedom. I recommend GIMP (a version is also available for mac users).

Q: How do I unzip the downloaded file?
A: In windows right click on the zipped file and choose "Extract All...". Choose your file destination by clicking on the "Browse" button. I recommend your desktop if you are unfamiliar with downloading products. Then click on the "Extract" button. Depending on your operating system you may end up with a folder within a folder - before you get to the individual jpeg papers. I do this to ensure that when you extract - the individual papers end up in a folder and not all over the place on your computer!

Q: Can I copy your kits to a disk for backup purposes?
A: Yes! I recommend that you make at least one backup of the files you purchase in case of a hard drive failure. The links I send eventually expire, but you can also request a resend of your purchases if you lose it. (Sometimes I save files in the wrong location...and can never find them again!! It happens to even the most organized of us!)

Q: What paper do you recommend to print on?
A: I recommend that you print on the paper or cardstock that is designed specifically for your printer. The printer companies spend lots of time, research, and money on ensuring their papers work well with their printer inks. They are chemically compatible for longevity! Piddix of etsy also has a great blog post about choosing paper for your project. I do not recommend printing on cardstock that you have found on sale or at the dollar store. These absorb more ink or will not print as cleanly as if you printed on sheets supplied by your printer manufacturer. You will not be saving yourself money by wasting ink or with poor printouts.

Q: I have never used digital papers/digital scrapbooking kits before. How do I get started?
A: There are some great tutorials on the internet. I recommend you start with some Hybrid projects. Hybrid means you are combining both traditional paper scrapbooking with digital scrapbooking. I am currently working on a link list of my favourite tutorials for getting started.
Designer Digitals has some great beginner tutorials: Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking

Q: Help! I still cannot get my file unzipped!
A: Please send me an esty convo from your etsy invoice regarding the offending file. I will create a self-extracting file for you to download (note that it will have a exe extension and double clicking on the file will "install" it on your computer...which simply means that in will create the folder with all the files where you specify on your computer).

I will be doing a few blog posts on  getting started in digital scrapbooking. If you have any specific questions or tutorials please let me know here or on etsy!
Enjoy creating and discovering the world of digital scrapbooking.

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